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Who we are:

Hello, my name is Mathew Tyler. After several years of living in White County, I see a huge demand for a delivery service that will bring food, groceries, and general goods to people who either don't have time to go themselves, don't have the ability to go, or just don't want to go. There are lots of people without vehicles, and there are lots of elderly people that can't go out on their own.

What is our goal:

It is my ultimate goal to provide White County with a service delivering restaurant food, super market supplies, office supplies, and even convenient store items like cigarettes and alcohol (which will require expensive licenses). I am interested in delivering to businesses where employees cannot leave to run errands, schools, churches, and general residents.

Because I'm starting out on my own with this business, running every aspect of it by myself, I will have to start small and grow the company in stages until it reaches its full potential. In the initial stage, I will only be able to deliver in the Cleveland city limits. I will go down 129 South almost to Westmoreland Rd; and 75 North up to Hulsey Rd. As business increases, and I am able to hire more staff, I will expand the area progressively until I can reach customers in all corners of White County, even including Helen in the final stage.

It is my hope that this will grow into a huge business providing home deliveries to most of the county; and offering job opportunities to many hardworking White County residents. I welcome any comments or suggestions you have at